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Here is why I love this product so much:

1. When making dressings, it can be a little tough to mix the oils so well that they emulsify into the dressing. The hand blender does a fabulous job of blending in oils. I use it in my favorite salad dressing, Cilantro Lime Dressing.

cilantro lime dressing edited_  cilantro lime dressing edited_-2

2. The hand held blender or (immersion blender) is also super handy when making creamy soups. It saves me from washing extra dishes. In a matter of seconds you can take a chunky soup to a smooth and creamy texture without having take out a huge blender, or any other extra dish. I recently posted this delicious Potato Leek Soup using the hand held blender.

Potato leek soup edited_-16  Potato leek soup edited_-17  Potato leek soup edited_-20

3. This Cuisinart set comes with a chopper and whisk attachment. The chopper attachment chops anything from herbs to walnuts with just the touch of a button. It has 2 different speed settings as well.  I used the chopper to make the garlic herb rub in my Roasted Leg of Lamb recipe.

easter lamb edited-3  easter lamb edited-5  easter lamb edited-6  easter lamb edited-17

easter lamb edited-29

Disclaimer: Cuisinart is not sponsoring this giveaway. This giveaway is strictly hosted by me simply because I absolutely love this product 🙂

Cuisinart Hand Blender Giveaway!