Chicken Croquettes

This Chicken Croquettes recipe is that one appetizer that everyone will beg you to create for their next event. Filled with cheese and crunchy coating, it is the ideal option to serve with your favorite dipping sauce.

Let’s get started!

Servings: 21

– 3 slices bacon chopped – 1 garlic clove minced – 8 oz baby bella mushrooms finely chopped – 1/4 cup + 1 Tbsp flour divided – 2 Tbsp milk – 2 lb. ground chicken thighs – 2 tsp salt – 1/2 tsp black pepper – 2 eggs – 1 cup plain bread crumbs – 8 oz mozzarella cheese (block or stick style) – avocado oil for frying

TOTAL Time: 1 hour 10 Min


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Cook the bacon and garlic.


In a pan, cook the chopped bacon and garlic over medium heat until the bacon is crispy.

Add the mushrooms.


Add the finely chopped mushrooms and sauté until cooked.

Mix in the flour and milk.


Add the flour to the cooked mushrooms, then add the milk. Stir to combine.

Add the chicken and seasonings.


Combine the ground chicken, salt, and pepper with the mushrooms. Remove from heat right away.

Bread the meatballs.


Dip the meatball into flour, then the whisked eggs, and then the bread crumbs.

Fry them.


Heat avocado or canola oil in a large skillet over high heat. Cook each croquette until golden brown and fully cooked. Serve warm with your favorite dipping sauce.