How to make

Dessert Charcuterie Board

Why you'll love it

This is the perfect platter to offer to guests at New Year’s parties, Christmas, or on Valentine’s Day.


– 8 oz Chocolate covered pretzels – 8 oz white chocolate pretzels – 8 oz Milk chocolate toffee wafers – 11 oz Chewy caramels – 5 oz Chocolate hazelnut biscuits – 7 oz caramel popcorn – 7 oz Milano cookies – 3.5 oz dark chocolate bar – 14 oz Chocolate hazelnut rolled wafers – 6 oz raspberries – 6 oz blueberries – 1 lb strawberries – 1 cup salted pistachios – 8 oz wheel Brie cheese – 1 cup toasted pecans

Step 1

Add the larger items. Assemble the items from largest to smallest, interspersing the different sized fruits and snacks for a prettier appearance. Start with strawberries and cookies.

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Step 2

Add the medium-sized items. Now add in the medium-sized items, such as the chocolate pretzels, popcorn, chocolate bars, and caramels.

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Step 3

 Place the smaller items last. Finally, add in the smallest items, such as blueberries, raspberries, and nuts. Then serve.

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