Peach Pie Filling

This Peach Pie Filling has just the right texture for a delicious summer dessert. Sweet and syrupy with slices of juicy peach, this filling is going to make your pie irresistible.

Let’s get started!

Servings: 8

– 5 large peaches – 1/2 tsp vanilla extract – 1 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice – 3 tbsp cornstarch – 1/2 cup white sugar – 1/2 cup golden brown sugar – 1/8 tsp cinnamon – 1 cup water

TOTAL Time: 20 Min


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Combine wet ingredients + corn starch.


In a large saucepan, add the lemon juice, vanilla, cornstarch, sugars, cinnamon, and water, and then whisk.

Bring to a boil.


Over medium heat, continue to whisk the ingredients for 2-3 minutes as the filling thickens.

Prep the peaches.


Wash and slice the peaches into 1/4-inch thick slices. You can use fresh or frozen, peeled or unpeeled – it’s up to you.

Simmer the peaches.


Add the peaches to the saucepan and simmer for 5-7 minutes. This time will depend on how hard or soft your peaches are. Allow them to soften slightly, but not get mushy.

Cool and store.


Allow the peach pie filling to cool to room temperature. If you are storing it for a future peach pie, then place the filling in glass jars and keep in the refrigerator.