How to make

Salmon Skin Roll

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This delicious dish is sure to impress your family and friends.


– 1 lb Salmon skins – Salt to taste – 1 cup Cornstarch – oil for frying – 1 recipe cooked sushi rice – 1 packages imitation crab sticks – 2 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise Kewpie – 1 ripe avocado sliced – 1/2 English cucumber sliced – 6-8 sheets toasted nori seaweed – Toasted sesame seeds – Black sesame seeds

Step 1

Prep the salmon skins. Remove the scales with a sharp knife. Then rinse and pat them dry. Season both sides with salt, then dredge them in corn starch.

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Step 2

Fry them. Fill skillet with about 1 inch of high-heat oil, then fry both sides of the skins over medium-high heat until golden and crispy. Put them on a plate lined with paper towels and let them cool. Then slice the salmon skins into strips.

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Step 3

Make the sushi rice and prep the crab. Now make the sushi rice according to the recipe and let it cool. Then finely chop the imitation crab meat and place it into a large bowl. Mix it with the Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise. Then set it aside.

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Step 4

Cut the seaweed. Wrap your sushi mat in plastic wrap. Then place 1 sheet of toasted seaweed on top of it and cut off 1/4 of it with scissors.

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Step 5

Add rice and sesame seeds. Wet your hands in a bowl of water and grab a handful of prepared sushi rice and begin gently spreading a thin even layer on top of the seaweed. Now sprinkle both sesame seeds on top of the rice. Then flip the entire sheet of seaweed over.

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Step 6

Add the filling. Now, in the middle of the seaweed, add about an ounce of the imitation crab meat mixture, a few strips of cucumber, and two slices of avocado, and a few strips of the crispy salmon skin.

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Step 7

Roll the Salmon Skin Roll. While turning in the front of the nori with the sushi mat, slightly compress the inner ingredients. Keep rolling the sushi with the sushi mat, making sure to keep the roll tight.

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Step 8

Cut it. Place the sushi roll onto a cutting board and use a sharp wet knife to cut the sushi into 8 equal pieces. Serve with soy sauce and wasabi.

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