How to make

Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

Why you'll love it

Is so creamy and rich!


– 1 lb Shrimp peeled and deveined with tail on – Salt – Black pepper – 1 garlic clove – 2 tbsp butter – 2 tbsp olive oil – 1 quart heavy cream – 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese – 1 lb fettuccini pasta

Step 1

 Season the shrimp. Sprinkle the raw shrimp with salt and pepper.

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Step 2

Cook the shrimp. Heat the oil in a skillet over medium-high heat and cook the shrimp on both sides for 7-8 minutes total, until they become pink and opaque. Take them out of the pan and set them aside in a bowl.

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Step 3

Add the butter and garlic. Place the butter and garlic into the same pan and cook over medium heat for about a minute.

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Step 4

Simmer the heavy cream. Pour the heavy cream into the pan and raise the heat to medium-high. Then, allow the cream to reach a simmer before taking the pan off the heat and adding the Parmesan cheese.

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Step 5

Add the pasta and shrimp. Once the cheese has been thoroughly incorporated, add the shrimp and pasta. You can add more salt, if needed. For a little extra flavor, garnish the shrimp alfredo pasta with some chopped fresh parsley and serve.

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