How to make

Breakfast Burritos

Why you'll love it

If you love on-the-go breakfast ideas, you have to try these Breakfast Sandwiches.


– 4 large eggs  – 1/4 tsp salt – 1/8 tsp pepper – 2 Tbsp milk – 1 Tbsp unsalted butter for the scrambled eggs – 4 slices bacon cooked – 1/4 cup shredded Mexican cheese – 4 uncooked flour tortillas –2 Tbsp mild salsa – 4 Tbsp sour cream – avocado oil for frying

Step 1

Cook the bacon. Fry the bacon slices to your preferred crispiness (pan fry, bake, or air fry).

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Step 2

Scramble the eggs. Whisk your eggs with the milk, salt, and pepper. Heat the butter in a pan and cook the eggs.

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Step 3

Assemble your breakfast burritos. Add 1/4 of the eggs, a slice of bacon, shredded cheese, sour cream, and salsa.

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Step 4

Roll them up. Brush the edges of the tortillas with water and roll them tightly.

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Step 5

Crisp the sides. Heat a pan with oil and fry each side of your breakfast burrito until golden brown.

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